Winter 2012 Newsletter

From the Editor
President’s Report
Regional Report: Ontario
You’re Invited to IBBY Canada’s AGM / Vous êtes invités à l’AGA IBBY Canada
TD National Reading Summit III / Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD
IBBY Congress: London 2012 / Congrès IBBY: Londres 2012

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From the Editor

This newsletter, while short, is full of beginnings. It is the beginning of a calendar year and, as we approach the AGM, the beginning of new terms with new executive members. On a personal note, I recently became a new mom. I never thought a baby would be so exhausting and time-consuming, which is why the newsletter is coming out a bit late and a bit short! I hope you all will forgive me for this lapse. I hope to get my act together so that our next newsletter, due out in May, will be back on track and full of the happenings of IBBY Canada.

– Jessica Fung
Newsletter Editor

President’s Report

On to the Next Chapter
After six years serving IBBY Canada, I am excited to be making way for new faces and fresh energy. I am honoured to be joining the Past Presidents Club with such esteemed people as Susan Shipton, Josiane Polidori, Hadley Dyer, Catherine Mitchell, Theo Heras, Ron Jobe, and of course, the Past President who supported me directly and tirelessly throughout my presidency, Brenda Halliday. Oh, to finally know the secret handshake!

During my two terms as President, I am most proud of the measures we took to make IBBY Canada a more efficient organization and to brand it as one that is accessible, engaging, and focused on promoting quality children’s literature at home and around the world.

We’ve cut down costs by bringing the design and production of our website and newsletter in-house and using Skype for all conference calls. And we’ve raised revenue by increasing two membership levels—student and patron.

What I am also proud of is the membership activity. In 2011, 34 people joined for the first time, and of the organizational members, all were renewing and one increased their level of support. To me, this says we are a) attracting new members and b) retaining support from our most influential existing members.

More than anything, this shows that we are as relevant as ever and are in a good position to build on that momentum to become even more active across Canada.

Best of luck to the new executive members, especially Susane Duchesne and Mahak Jain, President and Vice-President, respectively.

And many thanks to the members across Canada who have made me feel like I was part of a community during my tenure with IBBY. I look forward to celebrating Canadian children’s books with you through IBBY Canada’s continuing projects.

– Patricia Ocampo

Regional Report: Ontario

This past year (my second) as Councillor Ontario for IBBY Canada has been a fun and engaging experience. While participating in IBBY Canada events, I have had the opportunity to connect with great people and knowing that IBBY supports such important causes certainly inspires me.

Over the last year I had the pleasure of coordinating and working the IBBY Canada booth at Word on the Street Toronto. I also have continued to happily format and layout the Newsletter blast each season. This past year I joined the IBBY Canada Fundraising Committee to help work toward our financial goals.

These two years have been a wonderful experience and, while my term has come to an end, I am excited to pass on the torch.

I’d like to thank all my IBBY Canada friends and I’m looking forward to supporting IBBY Canada in other ways in the future.

– Kate Newman

You’re Invited to IBBY Canada’s AGM

IBBY Canada’s Annual General Meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 3 at the Runnymede branch of the Toronto Public Library. Join us for refreshments and to hear about our activities in 2011 and our plans for 2012. The outgoing, incoming, and long-standing executive officers will be excited to meet you!

The Runnymede Library (2178 Bloor Street West) is two blocks east of the Runnymede subway station. There is a pay parking lot across the street on the south side of Bloor Street, metered parking along Bloor, and limited free parking on Glendonwynne Road.

Vous êtes invités à l’AGA IBBY Canada

L’assemblée générale annuelle de IBBY Canada aura lieu à 9 h le samedi 3 mars, à la bibliothèque Runnymede. Joignez vous à nous pour des rafraîchissements et venez entendre parler de nos activités en 2011 et de nos plans pour 2012. Le conseil d’administration et les conseillers régionaux sortants, entrants, et de longue date seront ravis de vous rencontrer!

Le bibliothèque Runnymede, au 2178 rue Bloor Ouest, est située deux rues à l’est de la station de métro Runnymede. Il est possible de stationner de l’autre côté de la rue, au sud de Bloor, mais ce stationnement est payant. Par contre, il y a des parcomètres sur la rue Bloor et du stationnement gratuit sur Glendonwynne Road.

TD National Reading Summit III

Mark your calendars for the TD National Reading Summit III from May 2–5, 2012 in Vancouver.

As soon as speakers and program have been finalized, details will be available on the National Reading Campaign website. You can also find information on the National Reading Campaign Facebook site and Twitter feed.

Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD

Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD aura lieu 2 au 5 mai, 2012, à Vancouver. Notez-le sur vos calendriers!

Dès que le choix des conférenciers et le programme seront finalisés, les détails seront disponibles sur le site web à: Campagne sur la lecture. Vous pouvez également trouver plus d’informations sur Facebook et Twitter.

IBBY Congress: London 2012

Mark your calendars! The 33rd IBBY Congress will be held August 23-26, 2012 in London, UK. IBBY’s biennial congresses bring together IBBY members and like-minded people involved in children’s books and reading development from all over the world. There are panel discussions, seminars, and workshops on the congress theme, which is Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations. The theme examines how books and stories for children can cross boundaries, countries, and cultures. The issues of globalization, dual-language texts, cultural exchange, and the art of translation will also be explored.

Major international exhibits and presentations will also be featured, including the announcement of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards, the IBBY Honour List, and the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award.

Please visit the IBBY 2012 Congress website for more information.

Congrès IBBY: Londres 2012

À vos calendriers! La 33e Congrès de IBBY aura lieu 23 au 26 août 2012 à Londres, Royaume-Uni. Le congrès biennal IBBY réunit les membres d’IBBY et toute autre personne dans le monde qui s’intéresse aux livres pour enfants et au développement de la lecture. Dans le cadre du congrès, vous pourrez assister à des tables rondes, des séminaires et des ateliers sur le thème du congrès, qui est Au-delà des frontières: Traductions et Migrations. Le thème examine la façon dont les livres et les histoires pour enfants peuvent traverser les frontières, les pays et les cultures. Les questions de mondialisation, les textes bilingues, les échanges culturels, et l’art de la traduction seront également explorés.

De grandes expositions internationales et des présentations seront également présentées, y compris l’annonce des Prix Hans Christian Andersen, la Liste d’honneur d’IBBY, et le IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award.

Visitez au site web a l’IBBY 2012 Congress pour plus d’informations.

Traduction: Susane Duchesne

Newsletter Masthead

IBBY Canada Executive
President, Patricia Ocampo

Past President, Brenda Halliday

Vice-President, Susane Duchesne

Treasurer, Yvette Ghione

Membership Secretary, Randi Robin

Recording Secretary, Vasso Tassiopoulos

Promotions Officer, Helena Aalto

Liaison CANSCAIP, Debbie Spring

Liaison CCBC, Meghan Howe

Liaison Communication-Jeunesse, Louise Tondreau-Levert

Councillor-West, Kay Weisman

Councillor-Quebec, TBD

Councillor-Ontario, Kate Newman

Councillor-East, Jane Baskwill

Alberta Chair, Merle Harris

Newsletter Editor, Jessica Fung

Website Chair, Jennifer Dibble

Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Chair, Lina Gordaneer

Frances E. Russell Grant Chair, Deirdre Baker

Hans Christian Andersen Award Chair, Josiane Polidori

IBBY (International) Executive Committee

President, Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin (Malaysia)

Vice-President, Wally De Doncker (Belgium)

Vice-President, Linda M. Pavonetti (USA)

Executive Director, Liz Page (Switzerland)

Visit for a full list of the executive

IBBY Canada Newsletter

French Translations by Susane Duchesne 

Proofread (English text) by Meghan Howe

Proofread (French text) by Patricia Lemieux

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