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By donating to IBBY’s various funds, you are realizing Jella Lepman’s vision of promoting peace through children’s literature. We are completely volunteer-run, and we are often the only nominating bodies for prestigious international awards, such as the Hans Christian Andersen Award. These often have prohibitive mailing costs, as jurors live all over the world and we must send hard copies of dossiers and books. Your support means Canadian creators of children’s literature have a chance at international recognition.

Other funds allow us to support Canadian creators or scholars directly with prize money, ensuring they are able to continue their culturally important work.

See below to help you decide on which fund(s) to support, then add a note at checkout indicate which fund you would like to support.

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IBBY Canada General Fund
Funds will go towards general operations and administration. We are a volunteer organization, so your support is vital.

IBBY Children in Crisis Fund
Funds will create bibliotherapy programs and libraries for children whose lives are disrupted by war or natural disaster. Projects are underway in Japan, Pakistan, and Haiti.

Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Fund
Funds will go towards the administration of and prize money for this annual award that recognizes outstanding work by a Canadian picture-book illustrator.

Frances E. Russell Grant Fund
Funds will go towards the administration of and grant money supporting promising scholarly work of Canadian children’s literature.

Hans Christian Andersen Award Nomination Fund
Funds will go towards the administration of nominating a Canadian author and artist for the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award. We are the only eligible nominating body for Canadians.

Lampedusa Silent Books Fund
In response to the waves of refugees from Africa and the Middle East arriving in the Italian island, Lampedusa, IBBY launched the project “Silent Books, from the world to Lampedusa and back” in 2012. Click here for more information.