Warm Welcome to IBBY Canada Twin: IBBY Dominican Republic!

IBBY Canada is delighted to be twinning with IBBY Dominican Republic (DR) for 2021 and 2022.

Twinning is a program promoted by IBBY that allows for a special, and mutually beneficial, relationship between two national sections and includes supporting fees — and the development of programs and services that support the mission of IBBY: bringing books and children together.

Géraldine de Santis, President of IBBY Dominican Republic, was a special guest at the IBBY Canada board meeting in June 2021 where she spoke to the formation of the section in 2018 — and the work they have underway, including:

  • The creation of a fund with a local university, Universidad Iberoamericana, that gives a formal face to IBBY Dominican Republic
  • The creation of a list of all writers, illustrators, school and library staff in the DR to network and share news with the book community
  • The launch of a collection, and catalogue, of expert-reviewed picture books from the Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic diaspora and Spain

Many thanks, Géraldine and all at IBBY DR for twinning with us! We look forward to working with you over the next two years — and sharing ideas and experiences that strengthen both our sections.

And thank you to Liz Page, Executive Director of IBBY, for the introduction!

Committee of IBBY Dominican Republic, from left to right:

Yuan Fuei Liao                                 Author and Storyteller
Leibi Ng                                             Poet and Artist
Dulce Elvira de los Santos             Author and Broadcaster
Géraldine de Santis                         Author, Translator and Researcher
Yina Guererro                                   Author

Contributed by Patti McIntosh

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