Scarves for IBBY

IBBY Canada members have not been able to resist supporting the Scarves for IBBY fundraising campaign!

This campaign makes available 10 beautiful silk scarves, each featuring original art donated by Hans Christian Andersen Award-winning illustrators.

The scarves have been produced in limited editions (50 of each design) and are available for purchase from IBBY’s website.

Artwork by Albertine, Quentin Blake, Robert Ingpen, Roberto Innocenti, Roger Mello, Farshid Mesghali, Igor Oleynikov, Květa Pacovksá, Peter Sís and Lisbeth Zwerger.

Here are a few of our members, sporting their new scarves!

Theo Heras, Scarf by Peter Sís
Stephanie Wells, Scarf by Quentin Blake
Patsy Aldana, Scarf by Igor Oleyniko
Patsy Aldana, Scarf by Albertine
Merle Harris, Scarf by Roberto Innocenti
Mary Beth Leatherdale, Scarf by Farshid Mesghali
Marcela Mangarelli, Scarf by Albertine
Leigh Turina, Scarf by Albertine
Josiane Polidori, Scarf by Quentin Blake

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