Message from the Co-Presidents

First, a personal note, we would like to extend our hearty thanks and best wishes to Fred Horler who recently retired from IBBY Canada. We are so grateful for Fred’s contributions and miss him already.


As you know, in the spring of 2019, IBBY Canada began work on a plan to set our strategic direction for the next five years.

We started the process by asking some key questions to stakeholders (fellow board members, members-at-large, sponsors and newsletter subscribers). The questions included:

• what are IBBY Canada’s greatest achievements?
• what does IBBY Canada do better than any other organization in Canada?
• what could be improved upon?
• what programming and projects should IBBY Canada focus on?

A question we did not consider was how could IBBY Canada thrive in its mission and vision during and post-pandemic. What could and should IBBY Canada do if schools and libraries across Canada were to close and if people were no longer able to gather?

And so we turn our attention to this challenge over the next while knowing that the goals we set for IBBY Canada — and our new mission and vision — are more important than ever.

Over the summer, we look forward to moving the Readers and Refugees program to a virtual format, and continuing work on the elevation of the Indigenous Picture Book Collection.

We also look forward to drawing upon the immense creativity, ingenuity and commitment of IBBY Canada stakeholders as we look to grow and expand our work; albeit at a distance.

Best wishes,

Patti McIntosh and Mary Beth Leatherdale

p.s. You can read the full strategic plan for IBBY Canada here.

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