Mark Your Calendar

13th IBBY Regional Conference in Austin, Texas: October 25-27, 2019: The Shape of Hope: Finding Wonder, Joy, and Strength in Literature

Sponsored by USBBY, the conference is an opportunity to enrich and expand thinking about the international world of children and their books. The conference explores books and topics that have the power to comfort, influence, change and provide a broader perspective of the world’s conditions and challenges.

Registration details can be found here.

Call for Volunteers: IBBY Camp Lampedusa: November 4-10, 2019

IBBY Italia is welcoming volunteers who would like to help and support Camp Lampedusa in inventing new ways of using and enjoying books. Volunteers can take part in the continuing development of the IBBY library in Lampedusa, which was inaugurated on September 16, 2017 through participation in a training camp.

Details of the call for volunteers can be found here.

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