Bringing Books and Children Together

From Sea to Sea to Sea: Celebrating Indigenous Picture Books Collections Travel to Fishing Lake Métis Settlement and Whitehorse Public Library

As part of International Children’s Book Day celebrations—and in keeping with IBBY’s mandate of bringing book and children together—IBBY Canada was delighted to raise funds and donate two sets of the Indigenous Picture Book Collections, From Sea to Sea to Sea: Celebration Indigenous Picture Books, 1st and 2nd Editions, to Whitehorse Public Library (Yukon) and to Fishing Lake Métis Settlement (Alberta).

IBBY Canada board members, Lorisia MacLeod, Patti McIntosh and Colette Poitras worked on the development of the initiative and recommended to the IBBY Canada board the selection of libraries serving Indigenous communities. 

In speaking to the value of this project, Colette Poitras notes: Early literacy is critically important for school readiness and can promote the caregiver/child bond. Unfortunately, children’s libraries in Indigenous communities may face many barriers—one of the foremost being lack of funding. 

We are delighted to share this Facebook post from our new friends at Yukon Public Libraries (who also participated in the launch of International Children’s Book Day with an excellent reading of Dallas Hunt’s Awâsis and the World-Famous Bannock).

It is thrilling to imagine the books travelling throughout the Yukon. Lucky books!

Thank you to for working with us on this initiative which we hope will continue with further support of libraries serving Indigenous communities.

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