Annual Meeting of Members 2021 and The Lady with the Books Event

Many, many thanks to the over 100 people who attended the 2021 AMM for IBBY Canada: those who attended from across Canada—and those who Zoomed in from around the world including Dubai, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Pakistan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Arabs Emirates. In a very challenging year, it was gratifying and inspiring to have the IBBY community come together to celebrate our work in bringing books and children together.

No doubt, the big draw for the event was the opportunity to enjoy a panel discussion featuring the creators of The Lady with the Books: A Story Inspired by the Remarkable Work of Jella Lepman. Special thanks to Kathy Stinson (author), Marie Lafrance (illustrator) and Katie Scott (editor—and panel moderator extraordinaire) for bringing to life this exceptional book, inspired by an exceptional woman, and for sharing it with us.

Special thanks are also owed to Liz Page, Executive Director of IBBY, for circulating the invitation—and for joining us from Basel.

This blog post from Kathy entitled “The First International IBBY Canada Meeting” provides a wonderful recap of the IBBY Canada AMM—and our collective sense of gratitude for the opportunity to come together.


contributed by Patti McIntosh

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