A Huge Thank You to IBBY Canada Outgoing Members of the Board

Heartfelt thanks to outgoing board members Lana Button, Jane Baskwill, Merle Harris, Fred Horler and Jean-François Sénéchal for all your contributions to IBBY Canada.

And special thanks to two outgoing board members Theo Heras (2nd Vice President 2014-2021) and Mary Beth Leatherdale (Past President 2017-2020) who we raised a glass to at the AMM.

“With Mary Beth’s care and guidance, IBBY Canada has launched far-reaching initiatives such as the Indigenous Picture Book Collection and Readers and Refugees program—wonderful examples of the ‘sharing stories, bridging cultures’ ethos that have brought new supporters and broader awareness to our small-but-mighty organization, which has been made mightier still thanks to Mary Beth’s considerable efforts!”

Excerpt from toast to Mary Beth Leatherdale, IBBY Canada President 2017-2020

from Yvette Ghione and Helena Aalto

“Patsy Aldana, long-time IBBY Canada member, past President of IBBY International and current President of the IBBY Trust says, “Theo is definitely the IBBY Canada sine qua non— without which, not. She has kept it alive through thick and thin—and some of that very thin. I really don’t think we’d have an IBBY Canada without her.”

Excerpt from toast to Theo Heras, IBBY Canada 2nd Vice President 2014-2021

from Mary Beth Leatherdale

contributed by Patti McIntosh

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