Fall Newsletter 2011

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President’s Report
Regional Report: East
Regional Report: Ontario
Regional Report: West
Word on the Street: Vancouver
2010 Aubry Award Presentation to Andrea Deakin
Chantal Vaillancourt, une grande dame de la littérature jeunesse / Chantal Vaillancourt, a “Grande Dame” of Children’s Literature
The 2011 Frances E. Russell Grant Winner / Récipiendaire de la subvention Frances E. Russell 2011
2010 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Presented to Julie Flett
Call for 2011 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Submissions / Appel de soumissions pour le Prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver 2011
A Village of Volunteers Prepared our IBBY Canada Andersen Award Nominations / Un Village de bénévoles a préparé les candidatures d’IBBY Canada pour le Prix Andersen
Unknown 2 Known Bookmaking Project Turns a New Page!
You’re Invited to IBBY Canada’s AGM / Vous êtes invités à l’AGA IBBY Canada
TD National Reading Summit III / Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD
IBBY Congress: London 2012 / Congrès IBBY: Londres 2012

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From the Editor

The fall is a time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished in the past year so that we can better plan for the upcoming year. I’m glad to say that the quarterly schedule has successfully achieved its goals of slimming down individual issues, providing news in a timelier manner, and more evenly distributing the burdens of translation and proofreading amongst our treasured and talented volunteers. I have absolute faith that 2012 will be just as good as 2011, if not even better!

In this issue, we also celebrate this year’s accomplishments through our national awards: the presentation of the 2010 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award and the 2010 Claude Aubry Award, and the announcement of the winner of the 2011 Frances E. Russell Grant.

News of the international awards will be in our next newsletter in February, which reminds me: a heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped prepare our submission to the Hans Christian Andersen Award! We could not have done it without you.

– Jessica Fung
Newsletter Editor

President’s Report

It’s fall: pile on the awards!
Welcome to our final newsletter of 2011, a busy year for IBBY Canada. I won’t list our annual highlights; you’ll have to come to our Annual General Meeting for that!

The fall season is traditionally the awards season in literature. We have many IBBY award winners to celebrate, including those for the Claude Aubry Award, Honour List, and Frances E. Russell Grant.

Hearty congratulations to those winners and to the following IBBY members:

  • Don Aker for his White Pine nomination for The Fifth Rule (HarperCollins Canada)
  • Jan Andrews for her Silver Birch Express nomination for When Apples Grew Noses and White Horses Flew: Tales of Ti-Jean (Groundwood Books)
  • Deborah Ellis for her Governor General’s Literary Award nomination and Red Maple and Golden Oak nominations for No Safe Place (Groundwood Books)
  • Marie-Louise Gay for her Blue Spruce nomination for Roslyn Rutabaga and the Biggest Hole on Earth! (Groundwood Books)
  • Valerie Sherrard for her Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People win and Silver Birch nomination for The Glory Wind (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Kathy Stinson for her Silver Birch and Golden Oak nominations for Highway of Heroes (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Tim Wynne-Jones for his Governor General’s Literary Award nomination for Blink & Caution (Candlewick Press)

We are only as good as our members, and it seems we are a talented bunch! Three cheers from IBBY Canada!

– Patricia Ocampo

Regional Report: East

This was an exciting time for IBBY in the Atlantic Region as we participated with our own booth at The Word on the Street in Halifax. It was a beautifully warm day, bringing out lots of visitors to the Halifax waterfront. Several cruise ships were docked as well. We were part of the Treasure Hunt and distributed over 250 membership forms along with our IBBY Canada buttons and bookmarks. At the table with me was children’s author Kristin Bieber Domm. We had lots of inquiries about the work IBBY does and lots of interest in the international awards from the overseas visitors. We also had a number of former members (librarians and teachers) who said they had let their membership lapse and should really join again. Hopefully this will result in them doing so! All-in-all it was a very good day.

– Jane Baskwill

Regional Report: Ontario

Fall is in the air and the kids’ book awards and lists have been rolling in! It’s such a fun time of year to see if your favourites have won. I was lucky enough to attend the Canadian Children’s Book Centre Awards this year. It was a wonderful night full of authors, illustrators, and kids’ book talk. With Plain Kate by Erin Bow taking home the big prize for the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award, it was an inspired night.

I also got to attend and work the fantastic The Word on the Street festival in September. The breezy Sunday was excellent for hoards of book-lovers, writers, families, and friends to get together and enjoy author readings, book sales, and of course, our inviting IBBY Canada booth. Plenty of literacy-lovers stopped by and we shared sweets while talking about IBBY Canada by handing out bookmarks and buttons. This year we were fortunate to feature a raffle with a fantastic prize of Canadian picture books worth over $100. Our own Pam Mountain was the lucky winner. Congratulations, Pam! And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers who came out to help at our

Thanks to everyone for a great season and see you all at the AGM!

– Kate Newman

Regional Report: West

The west region has been very active this fall. I was named Councillor-West in September, filling the spot left vacant by Margriet Ruurs. I am a former teacher-librarian currently working on a degree in Children’s Literature from the University of British Columbia. I also write for Booklist, Canadian Materials, and NoveList, and am a committee member for the Canadian Library Association’s Book of the Year for Children Award.

Other west region activities this fall have included Vancouver’s The Word on the Street (see article below by Ellen Wu); the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable’s Fall Breakfast on October 15, which featured Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid (author and illustrator of the 2011 TD Grade One Giveaway book, Gifts); and the presentation of the 2010 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award to Julie Flett.

– Kay Weisman

Word on the Street: Vancouver

The Word on the Street (WOTS) was a rather interesting experience for me, mostly due to the vicissitudes of weather. I got to the tent on Hamilton Street in the morning, and along with Kathie Shoemaker and Jo-Anne Naslund, helped set up the Children’s Writers and Illustrators of British Columbia Society (CWILL BC) the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, and IBBY Canada. The winds, however, were so severe, that after having our materials blown off the tables more than once, we packed up within the hour and left—to set a table inside the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) concourse (this was done without permission from WOTS, but we didn’t get in trouble for it). We were quick to re-organize and secure a spot inside; later on, we learned all the tents on Hamilton Street were taken down by organizers due to the high winds and rain.

High winds don’t dampen the spirits of Kathie Shoemaker (left), of CWILL BC, and Ellen Wu (right) at the outdoor Vancouver WOTS booth

In spite of the hiccups at the start, the day was quite busy inside the concourse, and I was able to sell six packages of Cleaver cards. Many people were happy to come and take candies and buttons, without staying to ask about IBBY, but I got to give brief blurbs about IBBY to most parents (some were quite keen, though, which was excellent), and met cool CWILL BC authors too. I think, though, that those interested in IBBY would have liked to know what IBBY does locally in Vancouver, and I had to be honest and say most IBBY events were Toronto-centric.

Overall, an interesting day!

Ellen, much more snug inside the concourse.

– Ellen Wu
Ellen Wu is completing her Masters in Library and Information Studies at UBC. She was kind enough to represent IBBY Canada at the table we shared with CWILL BC and the Canadian Children’s Book Centre. She lured the swag seekers with candy, bookmarks, and buttons; sold sets of Cleaver cards; and talked up IBBY Canada. A heartfelt “thank you!” goes out to Ellen for her generous gift of time and help.

2010 Claude Aubry Award Presentation to Andrea Deakin

2010 Claude Aubry Award winner Andrea Deakin

An appreciative group gathered at the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library on October 27 to see Dr. Andrea Deakin receive the 2010 Claude Aubry Award for distinguished service in the field of children’s literature.

To mark this honour, the library purchased a copy of the The Wind in the Willows published by the Folio Society with illustrations by Canadian Charles van Sandwyk, which was on display.

The University of Alberta Libraries, with the blessing of Dr. Deakin and Okanagan College, have assumed responsibilities for The Deakin Review of Children’s Literature.

– Merle Harris
Alberta Chair

Chantal Vaillancourt, une grande dame de la littérature jeunesse

Lors de la soirée de Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse qui s’est déroulée le 25 octobre dernier, je me suis adressée aux invités au nom d’IBBY Canada pour remettre le Prix Claude Aubry 2010 à Chantal Vaillancourt.

Le Prix Claude Aubry est attribué tous les deux ans par IBBY Canada pour récompenser une contribution exceptionnelle dans le domaine de la littérature jeunesse. Les membres du jury étaient Catherine Mitchell, Brenda Halliday, Gillian O’Reilly, et Josiane Polidori.

Outre des indéniables talents de gestionnaire de Chantal Vaillancourt ainsi que d’organisatrice hors-pair en matière de planification et de logistique d’événements, de lancements, d’activités reliés à des salons du livre ou de projets associatifs. Chacun sait qu’avec Chantal tout sera parfait; elle sait s’entourer d’une équipe dévouée en planifiant tout et en veillant jusqu’aux
moindres détails avec calme, élégance et avec une aisance remarquable.

Chantal est à l’écoute de chaque intervenant tout en gardant en tête les grandes orientations et les objectifs fixés pour réussir un projet ou développer des partenariats. Grâce à son esprit de collaboration et à sa grande perspicacité, elle a travaillé au développement des activités francophones du Centre canadien du livre jeunesse. Elle a ainsi fait rayonner au Québec et dans la francophonie canadienne trois magnifiques projets soutenus par le Groupe Banque
TD: Un livre à moi! pour le plaisir de lire, la Semaine canadienne TD du livre jeunesse et le Prix TD de littérature canadienne pour l’enfance et la jeunesse.

Chantal a été éditrice des collections jeunesse chez Bayard, Québec–Amérique, aux éditions Chouette et chez Boréal où elle a utilisé son sens de la persuasion et sa diplomatie pour peaufiner les manuscrits afin que les jeunes lisent des livres qui peut-être changeront leur vie d’enfant.

Car la grande passion qui anime Chantal ce sont les enfants autant dans sa vie professionnelle à titre d’éditrice et de directrice générale de Communication-Jeunesse où elle a été présente lors des premiers balbutiements du programme de lecture pour la petite enfance Toup’tilitou.

Ses activités de bénévolat reflètent autant sa passion pour les livres que son respect pour les enfants et les adolescents, il suffit de penser à son implication en assistance directe auprès d’enfants avec l’équipe du docteur Julien, de son rôle de responsable du répertoire de projets francophones de littéracie pour le Sommet national sur la lecture, ou encore aux heures consacrées aux Amis de la Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

Les grandes qualités personnelles et humaines de Chantal Vaillancourt parmi lesquelles le respect et l’empathie qu’elle témoigne à ses collaborateurs et à tous ceux qui la côtoient ainsi que sa douce assurance font d’elle une personne remarquable, une grande dame de la littérature jeunesse!

– Josiane Polidori
Chef, Littérature pour la jeunesse, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada

Chantal Vaillancourt, a “Grande Dame” of Children’s Literature

During the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards night on October 25, I had the honour of presenting Chantal Vaillancourt with the 2010 Claude Aubry Award on behalf of IBBY Canada.

The Claude Aubry Award is given once every two years by IBBY Canada in recognition of exceptional contributions to the field of children’s literature. This year’s jury was made up of Catherine Mitchell, Brenda Halliday, Gillian O’Reilly, and Josiane Polidori.

Chantal Vaillancourt’s undeniable management skills are equalled only by her exceptional talent as an organizer looking after planning and logistics for events, launches, and activities related to book fairs and/or community-based activities. It is well-known that with Chantal in charge, perfection is assured; she attracts a dedicated group and looks after each and every detail with calm, elegance, and remarkable ease.

Chantal is attentive to all parties while never losing sight of the main directions and goals laid out for any successful project or partnership. Through her willingness to collaborate and her great perspicacity, she has developed Francophone activities for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre, bringing to Quebec and Canadian Francophonie three wonderful projects supported by the TD Bank Financial Group: the TD Grade One Book Giveaway Program, the Canadian Children’s Book Week, and the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Awards night.

Chantal has been an editor for Bayard and Québec-Amérique’s children’s collections, and for the publishers Chouette and Boréal where she used her powers of persuasion and diplomacy to put the finishing touches to manuscripts capable of changing the lives of the children reading them.

Chantal’s overriding passion is children, both in her professional capacity as an editor and, at a time when the early childhood reading program Toup’tilitou was in its infancy, as Director-General of Communication Jeunesse.

Her volunteer activities also reflect her passion for reading and her respect for children and young adults. One need go no further than her direct involvement with Dr. Gilles Julien’s team helping children, her responsibility for the directory of Francophone literacy projects for the National Reading Summit or the many hours she has devoted to Amis de la Bibliothèque de Montréal and Amis de Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ).

Chantal Vaillancourt’s humanity and personal qualities, the respect and empathy she shows to colleagues and all those she encounters, coupled with her gentle self-confidence are what make her quite remarkable, a “grande dame” of children’s literature!

– Josiane Polidori
Head, Children’s Literature, Library and Archives Canada

Translation: Susan Ouriou

The 2011 Frances E. Russell Grant Winner

The 2011 Frances E. Russell Grant has been awarded to Professor Paulette Rothbauer of the University of Western Ontario for her proposal to study “The Emergence and Promotion of English-Language Young Adult Literature in Canada.” Professor Rothbauer’s research will result in a book-length manuscript.

Deirdre Baker, Chair of the Russell Grant Committee, said, “Rothbauer has an exceptional research record and her proposal to examine the ‘currents of reception among critics and reviewers’ with respect to Canadian young adult literature produced in the 1970s to 80s promises to illuminate an area that has been overlooked in scholarship.”

Congratulations, Paulette! IBBY Canada wishes you the best with your writing and

– Patricia Ocampo

Récipiendaire de la subvention Frances E. Russell 2011

La subvention Frances E. Russell 2011 a été décernée au professeure Paulette Rothbauer de l’University of Western Ontario pour son projet d’études sur «L’émergence et la promotion de la littérature pour jeunes adultes de langue anglaise au Canada». Professeure Rothbauer présentera sa recherche dans un manuscrit de la longueur normale d’un livre.

Deirdre Baker, présidente du Comité de la subvention Russell, a mentionné que «Rothbauer jouit d’une excellente réputation de chercheure et que son projet d’étudier l’accueil réservé entre les années 1970 et 1980 à la littérature canadienne pour jeunes adultes par les critiques et les rédacteurs de comptes-rendus permettra d’en apprendre davantage sur un sujet qui n’avait pas été abordé par les chercheurs jusqu’à ce jour.

Félicitations, Paulette! IBBY Canada vous offre ses meilleurs vœux pour vos travaux de recherche et de rédaction.

– Patricia Ocampo

Traduction: Todd Kyle et Patricia Lemieux

2010 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Presented to Julie Flett

The 2010 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award was presented to illustrator Julie Flett for her book Owls See Clearly at Night: A Michif Alphabet (Simply Read Books), on October 15, 2011 at the Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable’s annual Illustrator’s Breakfast.

Cleaver committee member Brianne Grant presented the award commenting, “Flett’s illustrations are simple in style, yet rich in meaning. Her sparse use of colour, her silhouetted figures and magnificent use of white space evoke a silent, majestic landscape. Every image reflects the context of the word beautifully: large black silhouettes amid shards of grass for Buffalo; and an otter swimming down to a small, red school of fish hiding behind reeds for Water.” Grant added, “Flett has breathed new life into some of the most archetypal Canadian images.”

The Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award, established in 1985, is given annually in recognition of outstanding artistic talent in a Canadian picture book and carries an award of $1000.

– Kay Weisman

Call for 2011 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Submissions

Barbara Reid . . . Marie-Louise Gay . . . Michele Lemieux . . . Ian Wallace . . . Oleg Lipchenko. These are some of the winners of the Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award over the past 20 years. Want to become part of this “illustrious” list? It’s time to start preparing your submissions for the 2011 Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award.

The Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding artistic talent to a Canadian illustrator of a picture book. To be eligible for the award, the book must be in English or in French, and published in Canada during the 2011 calendar year. It must also be a first edition and contain original illustrations. Picture books include original stories, poetry, and folk and fairy tales. The winner receives a cheque for $1000 and a certificate. An awards ceremony to celebrate the winner is held each year.

The award is administered by a committee of three members of IBBY Canada. IBBY Canada donates the submission books to a suitable recipient or organization at the end of each year.

Please click here for more information on the award or for submission information.

Appel de soumissions pour le Prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver 2011

Barbara Reid . . . Marie-Louise Gay . . . Michèle Lemieux . . . Ian Wallace . . . Oleg
Lipchenko: voilà quelques-uns des lauréats du Prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver des 20 dernières années. Vous désirez faire partie de cette liste «illustre»? Le temps est arrivé de préparer vos soumissions pour le Prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver 2011.

Le Prix Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver est décerné chaque année en reconnaissance du talent artistique exceptionnel d’un(e) illustrateur(-trice) canadien(ne) d’un album. Pour être éligible, le livre doit être écrit en anglais ou en français et avoir été publié au Canada pendant l’année civile 2011. Le livre doit être une édition originale et contenir des illustrations originales. Des «albums» comprennent des histoires originelles, de la poésie, et des contes folkloriques ou contes de fées. Le/la lauréat(e) recevra un chèque de 1 000 $ et un certificat. Une cérémonie de remise du prix est organisée chaque année.

Le prix est administré par un comité de trois membres d’IBBY Canada. IBBY Canada fait un don des livres soumis à un bénéficiaire ou un organisme reconnu à la fin de chaque année.

Veuillez cliquer ici pour de plus amples renseignements au sujet du prix ou des soumissions.

Traduction: Todd Kyle

A Village of Volunteers Prepared our IBBY Canada Andersen Award Nominations

While it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to nominate authors and illustrators for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards! Known as the Little Nobels, the Andersen Awards are presented every two years by IBBY to an author and an illustrator whose complete works have made an important and lasting contribution to children’s literature. IBBY national sections from 32 countries have submitted nominations for the 2012 awards. IBBY Canada has nominated author Tim Wynne-Jones in the Author category and illustrator Stéphane Jorisch for the Illustrator category.

A huge thank-you to the many volunteers involved in preparing our nomination

  • Josiane Polidori, our Andersen Awards Chair, for her wisdom and care in coordinating the nomination process and arranging for the preparation of the dossiers
  • the jury of Canadian children’s book experts entrusted with selecting our nominees:
    Sarah Ellis, librarian, Children’s Literature professor, critic, and writer; Dr. Aïda Hudson, Children’s Literature professor, University of Ottawa; Patricia Lemieux, Director of the Candiac library, former Councillor-Quebec at IBBY Canada, and former librarian heading the children’s section at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ); and Josiane Polidori, Head, Children’s Literature, Library and Archives Canada, and former
    President of IBBY Canada
  • Sarah Ellis for crafting an essay on the contribution of Tim Wynne-Jones
  • Sarah Ellis and her students, Ellen Wu and Lara Le Moal, who gathered the biographical information, articles and reviews, and prepared the list of awards, bibliography and list of translated editions for the Tim Wynne-Jones dossier
  • art historian Francine Sarrasin for writing an introductory essay on
    Stéphane Jorisch’s contribution to children’s literature
  • Patricia Lemieux and Daniel St-Hilaire (at Library and Archives Canada), who located reviews and articles, and compiled the list of awards, bibliography and list of translations for the Stéphane Jorisch dossier
  • award-winning translator Susan Ouriou and her daughter, Christelle Ouriou-Morelli, for translating an article from Lurelu about Stéphane Jorisch into English
  • talented designer (and former IBBY Canada treasurer) Rachel Di Salle, who worked her magic on the design and formatting of the dossiers
  • Lynne Missen at Penguin Group (Canada) for helping us obtain copies of Stéphane Jorisch’s New Year at the Pier to include in our shipment
  • Patsy Aldana, former IBBY President and publisher at Groundwood Books, and Karen Boersma, publisher at Kids Can Press, for providing copies of the nominees’ books and assisting with the cost of shipping books to jury members around the world
  • Special thanks to

  • Yvette Ghione, our IBBY Canada Treasurer, who heroically took on the responsibility, midway through the process, of ensuring that the dossiers were completed and books shipped.

The Andersen winners will be announced at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair on
Monday, March 19, 2012.

– Brenda Halliday

Past President

Un Village de bénévoles a préparé les candidatures d’IBBY Canada pour le Prix Andersen

Alors qu’il faut tout un village pour élever un enfant, il faut aussi un village afin de nommer les auteurs et illustrateurs pour le Prix Hans Christian Andersen! Connu comme le Petit Nobel, les prix Andersen sont présentés tous les deux ans par IBBY à un auteur et un illustrateur dont les œuvres complètes ont apporté une contribution importante et durable à la littérature pour enfants. Les sections nationales IBBY de 32 pays ont soumis des candidatures pour les prix 2012. IBBY Canada a nommé l’auteur Tim Wynne-Jones pour la catégorie Auteur et l’illustrateur Stéphane Jorisch pour la catégorie Illustrateur.

Un immense merci aux nombreux bénévoles impliqués dans la préparation de nos soumissions de candidature :

  • Josiane Polidori, notre présidente au prix Andersen, pour sa sagesse et le soin apportés dans la coordination du processus de mise en candidature et l’organisation de la préparation des dossiers;
  • le jury d’experts en littérature jeunesse canadienne chargé de la sélection de nos candidats : Sarah Ellis, bibliothécaire, professeur de littérature de jeunesse, critique et écrivain, le Dr Aïda Hudson, professeur de littérature pour enfants, Université d’Ottawa, Patricia Lemieux, directrice de la bibliothèque de Candiac, ancienne Conseillère-Québec d’IBBY Canada, et ancienne bibliothécaire en chef de la section jeunesse à la Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), et Josiane Polidori, chef bibliothécaire du Service de Littérature jeunesse, Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, et ancienne présidente de IBBY Canada;
  • Sarah Ellis pour la rédaction d’un essai sur la contribution de Tim Wynne-Jones;
  • Sarah Ellis et ses élèves, Ellen Wu et Lara Le Moal, qui ont rassemblé les informations biographiques, des articles et des critiques, et ont préparé la liste des récompenses, bibliographie et une liste des éditions traduites pour le dossier de Tim Wynne-Jones;
  • l’historienne de l’art Francine Sarrasin pour avoir écrit un essai
    d’introduction sur la contribution de Stéphane Jorisch à la littérature pour enfants;
  • Patricia Lemieux et Daniel St-Hilaire (de Bibliothèque et Archives Canada), qui ont repéré des critiques et articles et compilé la liste des récompenses, bibliographie et une liste des traductions pour le dossier de Stéphane Jorisch;
  • Susan Ouriou (traductrice primée) et sa fille, Christelle Ouriou-Morelli, pour la traduction en anglais d’un article de la revue Lurelu sur Stéphane Jorisch;
  • Rachel Di Salle, designer de talent (et ancienne trésorière d’IBBY Canada) qui a mis son talent à contribution pour la conception et la réalisation finale des dossiers;
  • Lynne Missen chez Penguin Group (Canada) pour son aide à obtenir des copies de New Year at the Pier de Stéphane Jorisch afin de les inclure dans notre envoi;
  • Patsy Aldana, l’ancienne présidente d’IBBY et éditrice de Groundwood Books, et Karen Boersma, éditrice chez Kids Can Press, pour avoir fourni des copies des livres des candidats et avoir aidé à défrayer le coût de l’envoi des livres aux membres du jury autour du monde.

    Un merci spécial à :

  • Yvette Ghione, notre trésorière d’IBBY Canada, qui a héroïquement pris la responsabilité, à mi-parcours du processus, de veiller à ce que les dossiers soient complétés et expédiés.

Les gagnants du prix Andersen seront annoncés à la Foire du livre pour enfants de Bologne, le lundi 19 mars 2012.

– Brenda Halliday
Ancienne présidente

Traduction: Susane Duchesne

Unknown 2 Known Bookmaking Project Turns a New Page!

The Unknown 2 Known Bookmaking Project in Cape Town, South Africa was born in 2007 out of the financial assistance of the IBBY-Yamada Fund, the guidance of Extra-Mural Education Fund (EMEP), an independent education development agency in Cape Town, and the enthusiasm of Zimele, a community volunteer group at Vukani Public School in Lower Crossroads, Cape Town.

Launched to encourage kids to record their own stories through words and pictures, the Unknown 2 Known Bookmaking Project has, to date, worked with approximately 220 young people between the ages of 10 and 18. They gather local folktales from parents and grandparents, draw on experiences from their own lives—sometimes revealing abuse and violence—and make up fictitious stories. The Principal of Vukani credits the project with increased literacy rates at the school, and in 2008, the City of Cape Town recognized the value of the project by funding other area schools to start a similar initiative. Most recently, the Unknown 2 Known Project was awarded Best Project Readers by the Ward Councillor during Reading Month. Congratulations to all!

Beginning this year, the project is now overseen solely by Zimele, which has newly received official registered-charity status. In order to help the young people living with violence and abuse, Zimele has connected with a local non-governmental organization (NGO) whose councillor is trained in working with vulnerable young people. They are still looking for someone with the expertise to use the story-writing process in a therapeutic way and who can guide the Zimele volunteers in the appropriate responses with the young people. Zimele plans to publish an anthology in the coming months of some of the best stories from the project with enough copies to share among Vukani and two other local schools. IBBY will also receive a copy. Write on!

– Susan Shipton

You’re Invited to IBBY Canada’s AGM

IBBY Canada’s Annual General Meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 3 at the Runnymede branch of the Toronto Public Library. Join us for refreshments and to hear about our activities in 2011 and our plans for 2012. The outgoing, incoming, and long-standing executive officers will be excited to meet you!

The Runnymede Library (2178 Bloor Street West) is two blocks east of the Runnymede subway station. There is a pay parking lot across the street on the south side of Bloor Street, metered parking along Bloor, and limited free parking on Glendonwynne Road.

Vous êtes invités à l’AGA IBBY Canada

L’assemblée générale annuelle de IBBY Canada aura lieu à 9 h le samedi 3 mars,
à la bibliothèque Runnymede. Joignez vous à nous pour des rafraîchissements et
venez entendre parler de nos activités en 2011 et de nos plans pour 2012. Le conseil d’administration et les conseillers régionaux sortants, entrants, et de longue date seront ravis de vous rencontrer!

Le bibliothèque Runnymede, au 2178 rue Bloor Ouest, est située deux rues à l’est de la station de métro Runnymede. Il est possible de stationner de l’autre côté de la rue, au sud de Bloor, mais ce stationnement est payant. Par contre, il y a des parcomètres sur la rue Bloor et du stationnement gratuit sur Glendonwynne Road.

TD National Reading Summit III

Mark your calendars for Vancouver for the TD National Reading Summit III from May 2–5, 2012.

As soon as speakers and program have been finalized, details will be available on the National Reading Campaign website. You can also find information on the National Reading Campaign Facebook site and Twitter feed.

Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD

Le 3e sommet sur la lecture TD aura lieu 2 au 5 mai, 2012, à Vancouver. Notez-le sur vos calendriers!

Dès que le choix des conférenciers et le programme seront finalisés, les détails seront disponibles sur le site web à: Campagne sur la lecture. Vous pouvez également trouver plus d’informations sur Facebook et Twitter.

IBBY Congress: London 2012

Mark your calendars! The 33rd IBBY Congress will be held August 23-26, 2012 in
London, UK. IBBY’s biennial congresses bring together IBBY members and like-minded people involved in children’s books and reading development from all over the world. There are panel discussions, seminars, and workshops on the congress theme, which is Crossing Boundaries: Translations and Migrations. The theme examines how books and stories for children can cross boundaries, countries, and cultures. The issues of globalization, dual-language texts, cultural exchange, and the art of translation will also be explored.

Major international exhibits and presentations will also be featured, including the
announcement of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards, the IBBY Honour List, and the IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award.

Please visit the IBBY 2012 Congress website for more information.

Congrès IBBY: Londres 2012

À vos calendriers! La 33e Congrès de IBBY aura lieu 23 au 26 août 2012 à Londres, Royaume-Uni. Le congrès biennal IBBY réunit les membres d’IBBY et toute autre personne dans le monde qui s’intéresse aux livres pour enfants et au développement de la lecture. Dans le cadre du congrès, vous pourrez assister à des tables rondes, des séminaires et des ateliers sur le thème du congrès, qui est Au-delà des frontières: Traductions et Migrations. Le thème examine la façon dont les livres et les histoires pour enfants peuvent traverser les frontières, les pays et les cultures. Les questions de mondialisation, les textes bilingues, les échanges culturels, et l’art de la traduction seront également explorés.

De grandes expositions internationales et des présentations seront également présentées, y compris l’annonce des Prix Hans Christian Andersen, la Liste d’honneur d’IBBY, et le IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award.

Visitez au site web a l’IBBY 2012
pour plus d’informations.

Traduction: Susane Duschesne

President, Patricia Ocampo
Past President, Brenda Halliday
Vice-President, Susane Duchesne
Treasurer, Yvette Ghione
Membership Secretary, Randi Robin
Recording Secretary, Vasso Tassiopoulos
Promotions Officer, Helena Aalto
Liaison CANSCAIP, Debbie Spring
Liaison CCBC, Meghan Howe
Liaison Communication-Jeunesse, Louise Tondreau-Levert
Councillor-West, Kay Weisman
Councillor-Quebec, TBD
Councillor-Ontario, Kate Newman
Councillor-East, Jane Baskwill
Alberta Chair, Merle Harris
Newsletter Editor, Jessica Fung
Website Chair, Jennifer Dibble
Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver Award Chair, Lina Gordaneer
Frances E. Russell Grant Chair, Deirdre Baker
Hans Christian Andersen Award Chair, Josiane Polidori

IBBY (International) Executive Committee
President, Ahmad Redza Ahmad Khairuddin (Malaysia)
Vice-President, Wally De Doncker (Belgium)
Vice-President, Linda M. Pavonetti (USA)
Executive Director, Liz Page (Switzerland)
Visit www.ibby.org for a full list of the executive

IBBY Canada Newsletter
French Translations by Susane Duchesne, Todd Kyle, and Patricia Lemieux
English Translation by Susan Ouriou
Proofread (English text) by Meghan Howe and Magdalen Lau
Proofread (French text) by Patricia Lemieux

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