2022 Annual Report to the Membership

Thank you to the membership of IBBY Canada for their support over the past year—and for their consideration of this annual report for 2022. Rather than individual board member reports, this year we are trying something new, reporting by activity and achievement and noting—and celebrating!—the contributions by many.

It is being submitted with gratitude—and opens with pages of thanks to those involved in the awards, honours and programs of IBBY Canada offered in 2022 and appreciation for the members, sponsors and donors that made it all happen. It was quite a year!

We would like to extend special gratitude to our patron, Her Excellency Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada, for offering words of welcome at two of our very special events in 2022: the launch of International Children’s Book Day 2022 and our appreciation event for Reading with Newcomer Children. The patronage of Her Excellency and the beauty of her words inspire us.

The roots of three of programs continued to grow and expand in 2022—From Sea to Sea to Sea: Celebrating Indigenous Picture Books, Reading with Newcomer Children, and our twinning with IBBY Dominican Republic. We are pleased to preview “what’s next” for these programs in this report. And as we prepare for Congress 2026 in Ottawa, we continue to focus on building relationships nationally and internationally through programs such as these —and developing a base of support through our membership and fundraising programs and events—all the while celebrating the best in Canadian children’s literature.

In closing, we express solidarity with our international colleagues. During these challenging times, it is our privilege to be working with all of you to bring children and books together.

Respectfully submitted,
Board of Directors
IBBY Canada
1 April 2023

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Cover image of the IBBY AMM report. Text reads: 2022 Annual Report to the Membership, Respectfully Submitted by the Board of Directors of IBBY Canada, 1 April 2023